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Beauty of the highest order, continents split at the border, whether brick or stick mud mortar, Queen in any home, a humble seat on the ground or a majestic temple throne, the womb of manifesting spirit, making room for more black, it's the clearest back drop to witness infinite creation, expanding pure elation, veins pump the pulse of the nation, the source can be read in the DNA, the voice can be heard in the DNA, one eye meditate, inner sight dedicates vision to follow a mission to strengthen my sons my daughters, ocean waters glisten with sunlight just as blood christened chains, and swords, ships and whips, Sharks feast upon warriors and princesses, kings and tribe mothers, sisters and brothers, but, I made multiplication a trend, I made the destroyer scared that we don't end, I made my people grin, I made my seed my friend, I made my smile stronger than the wind, I made my path submit to my command, I made my voice fearless to reprimand, I made the dust dance, barefoot or high heels, I made my rejoice bigger than any hand with a grip to steal, I am the pressure none has helped, I am the pleasure all has felt, I am the wealth without treasure, I am the treasure of all wealth, I am the measure that is dealt, I am adorned in a rainbow of beads, I am decorated with diamonds, pearls and linen tweeds, I am above the earth, I am below the sky’s, I am the exact presence of the universe, all joys, all cries, all voids, all sighs, all glows, all try’s, I am the essence of the moon and dirt, I am seen in the rotation of time and the force behind the growth in the darkness I am the hope of the vine that makes the wine of reward so sweet, I am the overcomer of defeat, I am the curves of the road that give adventure to carrying loads, I am the caress to pain, the yes to gain, the less to strain, and the quest of name, I am the best of game, I walk my love upon all the green land, I feel my love in all the red blood, especially, I see my love in all the black skin, I am the feminine that has no twin.

We Built This Country

We built this country, we built this country with blood, sweat and tears, built this country, built this country with blood sweat and tears…Free labor wouldn’t save us, made us inferior when they wear inferiority with pride. This country was built from lies. This country was bought and paid for that we slaved for. This country hurts a lot a bit and we can’t do shit. Is it too late? Will God and faith be our savior? Who will be favored when judgment day comes? Who will take responsibility, who will try to run? This country is a façade. This country will murder Michael brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra bland, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Dontre Hamilton, John Crawford, Tanisha Anderson, Eric Harris, because they were born black. The murderers who we pay to protect and serve will not get indicted. We’ve been slighted. This country will fake an Islamic attack. This country screams freedom and justice for all however, we have yet to be free and justice is only just when not for us. This country promotes poor health, not enough natural resources to nourish ourselves. This country is media driven; watch CNN and guaranteed truth will be hidden. Label’s us hoodlum’s, thug’s, gang bangers and such, but the KKK is an organization, good luck. This country pulls the wool over our eyes; we staying sleep will lead to our demise. This country will turn families against each other, no natural love for our own sisters and brothers. This country will do you wrong and beat you getting mad. This country kicks you when you’re down and wants you to be glad, Shuck and jive and slap Mr. Man an hi five for allowing you to breathe the same air as he, when we bleed the same blood and need the same need. This country is sick and the FDA’s remedy is vaccinations that inject us with bullshit; poisoning our bodies, kills us off from something as simple as a hot toddy could have fixed. This country has you aiming for the American dream, bling bling, big houses that you can’t afford is part of the scheme. Expensive cars and living like super stars meanwhile thousands of innocent men are locked up in the system. THIS COUNTRY has us walking on egg shells, parole’s denied and posting no bails. THIS COUNTRY IS hush hush…. in terms of pedophiles and business men with loose bowels at the mouth can run for office… he needs to be flushed…bought us, chewed us up and spit us out; your time is just about over…. THIS COUNTRY was founded on greed; this country has an army of lusters and the need for world dominance so it shall bleed. We’ve been envied from the beginning of times because we bear the dominant gene. Your disability not being able to produce melanin has you heated, so you mistreat who made you. Strategically played your cards just so and took our souls, freedom, names, religion, and identity left us with woes. This country….. united we do not stand, states disintegrated, Amerikkka glares at you when you are sleeping, when you are awake, when you have been bad or good, so it doesn’t matter if your good for goodness sake… you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not fight back I’m telling you why, this country is a LIE.. SANTA’S CLAUSE fits his needs and his needs only. Religion is whatever they want it to be…. we built this country forcefully… but we aren’t dead yet, we are only stronger, this country has created brilliance and resilience in us we will no longer bow down, We’ve been lost but now are finding our true identities, our ancestors are awakening…. We BUILT THIS COUNTRY, WE BUILT THIS COUNTRY WITH OUR BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, WE ARE A MIGHTY FORCE TO BE reckoned WITH, WE STAND STRONG, WE STAND FIRM, and WE ARE HERE!

Hope He Told You

What did he tell you about me? I hope he told you he loves my everything Including the way my hips sway from east to west And when I smile my crooked smile is the best He loves sniffing my hair with hints of coconut oil and other melon scents How he hasn’t had this much fun in a long time, how he likes when I spit that dope shit and talk when I rhyme. What did he tell you about me? I know he told you he loves my voice, and when we first met he vibed with my choice of attire, how he hadn’t had a woman that inspired him like I do, not knocking you however, if the shoe fits, what size are you? I hope he told you. I hope he told you not to compare yourself to me, that’s like comparing and apple to an orange tree, as a matter of fact, I am one of no kind, unique and discreet but don’t pay me no mind, do you boo and ya’ll will be just fine. I hope he told you my delivery is what he loves; my content is cream of the crop, top notch it hit’s his spot. He thinks I’m hot, and I just gave him a little bit, not a whole lot, I hope he told you. Let me get back on track, a minor distraction, enough of that, taught me I can have the Man of my absolute dreams, but right now is not good timing it seems, if I could turn back the hands of time, he would be mine, for now the memories we shared will be just fine! I hope he told you. Miko the Artist

We Connect

There is something divine about a FRIENDSHIP that has no restrictions, no judgments, and no jurisdictions We connect There is something spiritual about a LOVESHIP that allows for mistakes, cause’s heartaches but in conclusion it all bowls down…. We connect There is something about a HUMAN who is confident in who they are knows what they want and how to get it and keep it….. We Connect There is something powerful in the connection of the mind of two souls who are deep thinkers, out of space dreamers, passionate lovers, being the best thems they can be, universal mind controllers, 4am scrollers, global paradigm shifters, spirit lifters, transparent players, don’t give a funk about the naysayers, third eye keepers, power to our people be’rs, awake and alive, its hard but constantly strive to Just BE We connect There is something tasteful, there is something magical We connect